The Biblical Aspect of Abraham's Life is a comprehensive study of the life of the first and most prominent Hebrew patriarch, Abrahama wealthy and powerful character from the Old Testamentwho, just like many Christians in modern times, was used by God to accomplish His plan and purpose. Illustrating Abraham's journey, along with his strengths and human frailties, this literary work delves deep into how modern Christians can understand God as He reaches out to His people. Highly engaging and relevant, the book also provides enough resource material for readers to accept their trials and triumphs just as Abraham faced his own weaknesses and achievements. Learn More!


The Biblical Aspect of Isaac's Life is a revealing, informative and instructive book about the life of one of the Bible's most prominent figures and second patriarch of the Hebrews, Isaac, the son of Abraham and father of Jacob. The book offers some helpful insights into the wise and unwise actions of Isaac from within the biblical context and contemporary understanding of a Christian life. It also covers Isaac's background, his character strengths and accomplishments, weaknesses and failures, as well as opportunities and the threats that he faced in his walk with God.

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The Biblical Aspect of Jacob's Life is a detailed study of the life of a wealthy and powerful Old Testament believer who is like modern Christians in many aspects. The book gives us a clear understanding of the life of the third major Hebrew patriarch, Jacob, the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham--whose life, right from the start was consumed by struggles and tension but was used by God to accomplish His plan and purpose. From this imperfect man, we learn important lessons about life of faith and prayer, and especially about God's grace.

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