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The character traits and leadership strengths and accomplishments of the man Abraham are undoubtedly very outstanding. As noted earlier in this study, the qualities that made him the “friend of God” and the “father of the faithful” should be of great importance to every true believer of God. Continue Reading! 


 It is tempting and possible to think there is little for us to learn from such a character as Isaac—probably, because, he is given less prominence in the patriarchal narratives in the Bible than his father Abraham and his son Jacob, or probably because his life was so quiet and uneventful . . . Continue Reading! 


The study of the life and character traits of Jacob, like that of his grandfather Abraham and his father Isaac, should be of great importance to every true Christian believer. The reason is because Jacob is one of the great names of history and one of the Bible’s most important figures. In fact, he was the third link in God’s plan . . . Continue Reading!

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